All pigeons that wear rings of the current year, and are at least 30 days old, are allowed to participate in the race.


The collection period will start from 1/3/2022 and it will end on 30/4/2022. If a pigeon entered gets lost or becomes ill the owner can replace it free of charge until a week after the end of the collection period. It is necessary for the pigeons entered to have a property card and a pedigree upon delivery.


Pigeons competing in the races must be vaccinated for Paramyxo and be completely healthy. Before they are introduced to the loft pigeons will be vaccinated again. If the pigeons are not vaccinated when they arrive, they will get immediately vaccinated, then placed in a special quarantine area, and finally after about 10-15 days they are returned to the loft.


Participation fee per pigeon is 80€ + 10€ for transport. For teams of 5 pigeons the fancier can enter 1 extra pigeon free of charge.


The prizes are calculated for 1500 paid pigeons. Free extra pigeons are not taken into account when calculating the prizes. If the 1200 paid pigeon mark isn’t met, prizes are re-calculated accordingly.


The entry fee must be paid at least 10 days before the first race. If the entry fee is not paid by then, the pigeons can’t compete in the championship and the owner loses his right to claim any prizes. The pigeons continue to take part in the races but they can't win any of the prizes and remain in possession of Derby Halkidiki.


The percentage of pigeons that get a ranking is 25% of the pigeons that are entered into every race.



Extra Super Derby Halkidiki, will take place if 300 or more pigeons return from the Final Race.

Activation is up to the owners request and the cost is 50€ per pigeon entered.

(50 first pigeons from the Final and 5 ACE pigeons cannot participate in the Extra Super Derby)



For auctioned pigeons, the owners receive 50% of the money from the first auction minus the photo costs which is paid by the owners. Pigeons that don’t have a pedigree until the the start of the auction are excluded. If the pigeon doesn’t have a pedigree, the owner only receives 25% of the money. Pigeons that are not sold in the first auction become property of Derby Halkidiki. In such case the owners are not entitled to any percentage regarding future auctions.


The owners have the right to buy back their pigeons for 30€ , if the pigeons haven’t been sold in any of the auctions. Otherwise the pigeons remain in our possession.


The final amount payment must be made within 10 days from the end of the auction. In case of payment failure or other financial problems regarding the buyer, the pigeon is given to the previous bidder, if he wishes, or is otherwise re-auctioned.


The transport fees, for pigeons bought in the auctions, must be paid by the buyer.




For any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.